Smartwatches and Email: What You Need to Know

Desktop.  Mobile.  Smartwatch?   Roll your eyes if you must, but as a digital marketer you have likely noticed that it’s getting harder to ignore the buzz about wearables.  The market is finally catching up with Dick Tracy and Inspector Gadget's Penny, creating another shift in the landscape for digital marketers.  This post explores some of the available information on smartwatches to put things... Continue »

Transactional Messages – Turning Dust into Dollars

Are you missing out on a major opportunity to engage your best customers and subscribers?  Are you not sure how to optimize your transactional messages? Once established, transactional messages often become the forgotten creatives of an email program, rarely getting much love and attention when it comes to optimization.   With all of the demands placed on the typical email marketer, it’s easy to... Continue »

How to Lose Customers and Alienate Subscribers

Are you looking for ways to destroy your subscribers’ perception of your email program or even your brand?  Are your preferred performance metrics unsubscribes and spam complaints?  This post outlines some simple and commonly used techniques to help make your email program work against you.   Before diving in, it should be noted that email is the preferred channel for permission-based brand... Continue »

Don't Roll Out the Loser: How To Analyze Subject Lines

Testing is incredibly important.  If this comes as a surprise, you have some serious homework to do.  Testing should be the caveat for just about every recommended change for an email program.   As a marketer, you’ve likely heard, read and said “test, test, test” more times than you can count.  What can often slip through the cracks are tips on how to analyze email tests in a way that have the... Continue »

50 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Increasing both the size and quality of a brand’s email list is often a top priority for marketers, and with good reason.  Not only does the email channel typically show a high ROI when compared to other direct marketing channels, it offers marketers a means to further engage and inform their subscribers.  Additionally, email can be integrated with other channels to augment outreach efforts and... Continue »