Your Blacklist Questions Answered

Recently I presented a webinar on blacklistings and promised to follow up on any questions that were asked from the audience when we'd released our Ultimate Guide to Email Blacklists. Now is that time! so let's dive into the questions:   We send email using different domains for different types of email but are changing email provider and are looking at changing to sub domains of our main domain.... Continue »

Webinar – The Ultimate Guide to Email Blacklists, 30th April

As a consultant, I get asked about blacklists on a regular basis. If there’s one thing that’s sure to strike fear into the heart of an email marketer, it’s the news that they’ve been blacklisted – or the worry that they might be. The questions range from “what are blacklists?” to “I got blacklisted by Spamcop – what do I do now?”. Everybody knows that being listed is generally “bad news”, but... Continue »

Step away from the spam button. The unsubscribe opportunity.

Here at Return Path, we’re great advocates of transparency and believe that trying to hide your opt-out link somewhere deep in your email, or behind a login page usually means that you’re frustrating your subscribers. Frustrated subscribers leads to more complaints and more complaints leads to email landing in the junk folder. Recently we heard that Gmail have been listening to their users,... Continue »

Success: European Society for Medical Oncology reestablishes email connections to its members with Return Path.

Here at Return Path, we love to share our customers’ success stories and this one is no exception! ESMO is the European Society for Medical Oncology. They provide a professional network for its members and work with national societies across Europe and around the world. With over 7,000 members across 100 countries, they also rely entirely on its membership newsletter program to stay in touch with... Continue »

The Goldilocks Challenge of Responsive Email Design - Part III: Just Right

Having explored mobile email optimisation (or lack therefore) in ‘Part I: Too Little’ and ‘Part II: Too Much’ of the Goldilocks series, the best examples we’ve seen take the middle ground. The answer is to optimise, but minimally, and with a scalable design. Good examples come from fashion sites Yoox and H&M. At first sight, the optimisation isn’t obvious - but when you look more carefully, you’ll... Continue »