A Marketer's Field Guide to Mail.ru

The Russian web-mail service, Mail.ru was launched in 1998. With more than 100 million active email accounts and 400 million total mailboxes, Mail.ru is the largest web-mail provider in Russia and on the European continent. The Postmaster and Anti-Abuse Team at Mail.ru are highly engaged with the public and have created an informative Postmaster page to help Senders understand what it takes to get... Continue »

Don't Wait to Authenticate

In March I wrote an article entitled, European Email Marketers; How the Phishing Phenomenon Impacts You (Even if You've Never Been Spoofed). I received some excellent feedback after publishing it and most of them said, “It’s not just European senders who are behind in their understanding of the real impact of phishing, it’s a global issue still very relevant everywhere.” Of course I knew that, but... Continue »

European Email Marketers: How the Phishing Phenomenon Impacts You (Even if You've Never Been Spoofed)

I recently spoke with two of my European colleagues who regularly attend email marketing industry events. They told me that one of the most surprising things they hear from email marketing professionals in Europe is a lack of concern over phishing and spoofing. The comments they most often hear are, “Sure, we’ve seen Return Path’s blog articles on how to set up DKIM and SPF but why should we take... Continue »

Big Data and Email - What Would Sherlock Do?

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” ― Sherlock Holmes, The Hound of the Baskervilles   Sherlock Holmes was a keen observer and brilliant at spotting patterns. Not everyone is lucky enough to possess such skill. And yet, throughout all of his cases there were recurring themes and ways of perceiving data that helped even his cohort Dr. Watson, learn to... Continue »

How ISPs are Curtailing Outbound Abuse

For an ISP, the consequences of outbound spam can be grave. Another email provider could block them or their entire range of IPs could end up on a blacklist. Intercepting outbound spam is, therefore, crucial for any ISP wishing to safeguard their reputation while reducing the total volume of spam circulating throughout the global email ecosystem.  More importantly, curtailing outbound spam means... Continue »