An Email Marketer's Field Guide to Orange

With about 43% market share, Orange is the most widely used broadband provider in France. Orange’s reach extends internationally, as close to 44% of their customers are located outside of France in Belgium (they own Mobistar), Spain, the UK, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, Africa, and the Middle East. In France, Orange has 13 million active email accounts. Following are some more details about... Continue »

Return Path's Guide to Spam Filters - An Excerpt

“People spend entire lifetimes trying to avoid the things that have already happened.” —S. Hartmann There are countless articles on the web entitled “How to Avoid Spam Filters.” A quick Google search results in at least ten pages of links to editorials and “how-to” guides meant to steer email marketers away from the spam folder and into the inbox with advice like, “Don’t use cheesy subject... Continue »

A Marketer's Field Guide to United Internet

United Internet, one of Germany’s leading ISPs and media companies, began as 1&1 EDV-Marketing in 1988, a company that specialized in marketing for IT services.  The company saw its most significant growth with the commercial adoption of the internet in the late 90s.  By the year 2003 United Internet had been created as the parent company that today, houses 1&1, and under one roof.... Continue »

A Marketer's Field Guide to Yandex

Yandex is the most widely used search engine in Russia with about 60% market share. With 40 million active email user accounts, their webmail service covers approximately 20% of the Russian market. Yandex has one of the most sophisticated email applications in the world. Their email UI includes customized  action and sorting buttons  as well as ‘Disk’, Yandex’s new cloud service. The security of... Continue »

A Marketer's Field Guide to Italia Online

Italia Online was formed in November 2012 when Libero acquired Matrix S.p.A and all of its subsidiaries, including the mailbox provider, Virgilio. Although Virgilio and Libero use the same MTA and anti-spam technology, the two email platforms were not merged immediately. The technical merger will be complete in Q4 of 2014. The technical merger of the infrastructures will include a change of MTA... Continue »