10 Tips for Inspiring Email Love and Long-Lasting Subscriber Devotion

With heart-shaped candy boxes and over-sized teddy bears taking over store shelves just as soon as the holiday decorations came down, the abundance of pink and red baked goods on display, a constant stream of jewellery and flower advertising flashing across multiple screens and free trials for online dating sites reaching a fever pitch, there’s no denying that cupid has his arrow poised to strike... Continue »

Is Your Email All In? Join Return Path in Vegas to Learn Why the Odds Could be Against You

If you don’t know your sender reputation, you could be gambling with the future success of your email program. Sender reputation is the primary factor determining inbox placement, a fundamental metric impacting performance, response and revenue. If you’re concerned that your messages are getting routed to the spam folder or going missing, you have a right to be. Determining the root cause of... Continue »

1:1 Email Intelligence Coaching Clinics: Sign Up Now

As a consultant here at Return Path, it's my job to work with clients to help them improve their email programs. Most of these consulting projects are conducted on the phone or via web meetings as technology allows us to easily engage with our clients across time zones and different countries. Given I'm a people person, I'm excited that while I'm in Las Vegas attending the MarketingSherpa Email... Continue »

Which Subject Lines Have More Impact?

Have you ever waited to hit the send button on your marketing email because you weren't sure if your subject line would grab your audience?  This year at Marketing Sherpa Email Summit 2014, Return Path will have a team of email experts on hand to discuss subject line strategies and much more! There are only a few weeks left till Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit in Las Vegas (Feb. 17th to the 20th).... Continue »

Attend Our Email Deliverability Workshop and Learn Why "It Depends"

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of frustrated clients that want an answer to that short but loaded deliverability question: “WHY?!”  The short answer: “It depends.” It depends on the email practices you follow regarding your list acquisition and maintenance, content, delivery plan, technical infrastructure, subscriber engagement, etc. It depends on how you navigate through this complex maze... Continue »