J.D. Falk Memorial Award Presented to FBI Special Agent Tom Grasso

I wanted to share with you all that yesterday was the award ceremony for the J.D. Falk Memorial Award. As many of you know, J.D. was a Return Path colleague who we lost to cancer last November. At the end of the year Matt Blumberg (CEO and Chairman of Return Path) announced that we were working with the folks at M3AAWG to fund an award that would honor someone in the community who was making a big impact on cyber security and the safety of the internet. Yesterday M3AAWG presented that award to Tom Grasso

Here's information from the original submission to give you a sense of what Tom did to earn this award:

Tom Grasso, FBI

Tom spearheaded the DNS Changer working group. This group ensured that hundreds of thousands of internet users around the world were not kicked offline when the FBI implemented "Operation Ghost Click".  He created a working group out of nothing, got huge companies to spend lots of time and resources notifying customers of infections, and got competitors and corporate "enemies" to work together to protect users of the Internet. Without this work, several hundred thousand internet users would have gone offline at once without any prior warning. Their work ensured that most people were able to get cleaned up prior to the shutdown, and that the world knew it was coming.

Tom's presentation yesterday was really wonderful. He spent most of his allotted time talking about everyone else who contributed to the project, then described the project itself. It was a really wonderful, very humble and humbling speech. 

It was a wonderful tribute to J.D. and the many others who are continuing his work to make the internet safer for all.

M3AAWG Press Release

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