Russian Search and Mailbox Provider Yandex Joins Return Path Network

Return Path announced today that Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX), Russia’s largest search engine and one of Europe’s biggest mailbox providers, has begun using Return Path anti-spam and anti-phishing database in its Spamooborona anti-abuse proprietary technology for further protection of Yandex.Mail users from email abuse. As a member of the Return Path Trusted Cooperative Network, Yandex will use and... Continue »

Mail.Ru Partners with Return Path to Protect Users from Fraud and Spam

Today, Return Path officially welcomes Mail.Ru, whose daily audience ranks it among the top five global mail services, to its Trusted Cooperative Network. Following a cooperation that started in 2012, Mail.Ru has completed the integration of Return Path solutions to bolster its anti-spam and anti-phishing capabilities, enhancing its user experience and safeguarding its network from abusive email.... Continue »

How ISPs Fight Smarter Fraud with Shared Email Intelligence

Scams have been part of the email user experience for a generation. As a result consumers have become increasingly sophisticated, and few fall for the old 419 “Nigerian” scheme these days. But scammers too have become more sophisticated, and new types of email fraud have evolved. Most target legitimate accounts to steal passwords, sometimes by scanning inboxes for password resets (i.e.,... Continue »