What are the Advantages of a Shared IP Address vs. a Dedicated IP Address?

An important decision that all growing email marketers must address is deciding when emails should be sent from dedicated vs. shared IP addresses.  A dedicated IP address allows the sender full control of emails sent from their IP address. A shared IP address means other senders mailing campaigns utilize the same IP address. This is extremely important because one of the major factors... Continue »

Moving to a New ESP Doesn’t Have to Be So Hard (just ask Tommy Bahama)

Building an ESP relationship that meets evolving business needs can be a challenge. Some email marketers wait too long to switch, sometimes long after their priorities have shifted. They don’t need to. Tommy Bahama, the island-inspired lifestyle brand, found itself in exactly that position. Its marketing team had developed a high-performing email program and invested in building a great email... Continue »

[webinar] The Ultimate Guide to Blacklists

Please join Return Path on Wednesday, July 23rd at 11 AM  MDT / 1 PM EDT for The Ultimate Guide to Email Blacklists webinar.  Sarah Matthews and myself will take you through all the things you need to know about preventing and managing blacklistings. The webinar will include: What effect a blacklisting can have on ROI The role that blacklists play in spam filtering The blacklists marketers should... Continue »

Acquiring Emails Through SMS Mobile

In a trip about an hour drive west from DC you can find a restaurant called Forlano’s Market, in a tiny town called Middlesburg. I had a great lunch there a while back after a wine tasting tour (yes we have wine tasting in VA). As I was seated I noticed a huge chalkboard with menu items and specials, as well as directions on how to sign up for their email program… via text message. Cool! So, I... Continue »

What is a Feedback Loop?

I thought I would write about what a feedback loop actually is in this blog. I’ve come across several clients recently that are not aware of how a feedback loop works and how it can be used. I’m hoping this blog will be a useful reference point for those types of explanations. Aside from learning the basics below, I highly recommend signing up for the upcoming webinar, The Gift of Spam Complaints.... Continue »