Nothing is Certain, Except Death, Taxes, and ... Spam??

Tax season is upon us again.  We all dutifully and honestly file our taxes and hope that we don’t get audited.  Right? A “friend” of mine got audited a few years ago, which got me to thinking: how do they choose which individual gets audited?  Why him and not me? Did he raise any red flags that brought him to the government’s attention?  You could probably go to a tax professional to get answers... Continue »

Make Mailbox Providers Fall Head-Over-Heels for Your Reputation

Love is in the air: Cupid and his arrow, roses and chocolates, candlelight and moonlight.  Oh no, it’s Valentine’s day again! When a holiday or special event approaches, marketers seize the opportunity to promote their goods or services, tying their campaigns to the season’s themes.  Marketing mail volumes usually spike during these times.  But along with the increase in volume of legitimate... Continue »

7 Practical Email Deliverability Resolutions You Can Stick to in 2013

It’s a day of celebration in America, with the President’s second-term inauguration – on a day designated to celebrate Martin Luther King.  Most Americans have the day off from work, but more likely than not, gyms around the country will be empty, with “getting-fit” and “going-to-the-gym” resolutions already abandoned by now.   We’re three weeks into the new year, but it’s never too late to make a... Continue »

I'm Wishing for a Whitelisted Christmas

We’re in the home stretch – the last few shopping days before Christmas.  Retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar establishments, are desperately trying to grab your attention and get you to spend your gift-giving generosity on their sites.  Close on the heels of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend, this is the busiest shopping season; let’s see if we can glean some email intelligence from... Continue »

Inbox Placement to the Power of Two

It takes two to tango.  There are two sides to every coin.  Two heads are better than one.  Two’s company, three’s a crowd?  Okay, maybe not that last one.   But you get the point: while there’s nothing wrong with one – sometimes, to get better results or a better outcome – two does trump one.  At Return Path, for over a decade now, we have been helping more than 2,000 brands successfully improve... Continue »