Subscriber Engagement and Your Inbox Placement Rates

Have an email database filled with subscribers that aren't opening or clicking? Or a database full of email addresses that aren't active with their inbox? You're likely suffering from Inbox Placement issues.   For some time now, we've known that Mailbox Providers are looking at subscriber engagement to help determine where to filter a brand's email. Not surprisingly, we work with a lot of clients... Continue »

7 Email Reactivation Campaign Insights

Are you trying to engage your inactive subscribers? Are you unsure what a successful reengagement campaign strategy looks like? Here are some insights and key takeaways from Return Path's recent study, Email Win-Back Programs: Everyone Recommends Them, But Do They Work?   1. Over 25% of email addresses in the databases of the companies that were part of the study were classified as "inactive."... Continue »

See Competitors’ Campaigns in Super-Sharp Detail with New Inbox Insight Features

Did your closest competitor’s morning campaign just blow yours away? Few question how important it is to understand how your campaigns compare to those of your competition. Most email marketers sign up for their competitors’ emails to keep track of offers or campaigns. But this grants you only a surface-level view - what their campaigns say - it can't show you how they perform. Return Path’s... Continue »

Battle of The Brands - Healthy Competition is Really a Good Thing

One of the great things about working at Return Path is the ability to work with our unique data in new and interesting ways. Last year, we released our subscriber overlap feature in our Inbox Insight product that let brands know how much of their list overlaps with other brands, and who wins when they compete head on for the attention of those shared subscribers (check out our Battle of the... Continue »

7 Reasons You Should Attend the Return Path Win-Back Webinar on June 25th

Join me and Sarah Matthews on June 25th for our How to Master the Email Win-Back Campaign Webinar if you want to: Understand why win-back campaigns are an important piece of any email marketing program. Understand how Mailbox Providers view an email database. Learn what win-back tactics work (and which don't). Gather insights on the timing and cadence of win-back campaigns. Learn how to... Continue »