Why Making the Unsubscribe Easy is Important to Your Email Marketing Program

There has always been an inherent conflict between the interests of email marketers and their subscribers. Marketers expend much energy encouraging subscribers to register for their email programs with the – often unrealistic – belief that a subscriber’s initial consent indicates their request to receive email from the sender indefinitely. Subscribers, however, view their inbox as a very personal... Continue »

From Bad First Date to Love: How ProFlowers’ Valentine’s Day Emails Won Me Over

  In the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, I, like most men, sit back and wait for a good deal on flowers to send to the love of my life. Let’s face it: gift-giving for this holiday can get pretty expensive. According to a survey from the National  Retail Federation, Americans will spend $131 on average during the holiday in 2013, with another $4.4 billion spent on jewelry alone. Always happy... Continue »