4 Top Tips for Optimizing Subject Lines (Yes, They Still Matter!)

Let’s face it – there’s nothing sexy about email subject lines. While some might argue that there’s nothing sexy about email (and I would strongly disagree), there are certainly hotter and far more exciting topics to email marketers these days, like Gmail’s Tabs and responsive design for mobile. In fact, if I use Google Trends to track search term activity over the past 90 days for... Continue »

Testing: The Email Program’s Equivalent of Flossing

For many marketers, email testing can be considered the equivalent of flossing. When someone asks if you’re doing it, you say yes (even if you’re not). Why? You know it’s beneficial, it delivers results and that you should be doing it. However, it takes time, it can be somewhat unpleasant and you have to remember to do it often (preferably daily) and at a time when you just want to get everything... Continue »

Gmail Leads the Charge: Email Marketers Could Be in for another Wild Ride in the Year of the Horse

If you’re like many email marketers, you may be on the fence about whether or not Gmail is a friend, foe or frenemy. After all, last years’ roll out of the Tabbed Inbox is likely still fresh in your mind. At the time, there was widespread concern that having commercial messages be delivered to the Promotions Tab (as opposed to the Primary Inbox) would decrease response and engagement metrics. The... Continue »

10 Tips for Inspiring Email Love and Long-Lasting Subscriber Devotion

With heart-shaped candy boxes and over-sized teddy bears taking over store shelves just as soon as the holiday decorations came down, the abundance of pink and red baked goods on display, a constant stream of jewellery and flower advertising flashing across multiple screens and free trials for online dating sites reaching a fever pitch, there’s no denying that cupid has his arrow poised to strike... Continue »

Is Your Email All In? Join Return Path in Vegas to Learn Why the Odds Could be Against You

If you don’t know your sender reputation, you could be gambling with the future success of your email program. Sender reputation is the primary factor determining inbox placement, a fundamental metric impacting performance, response and revenue. If you’re concerned that your messages are getting routed to the spam folder or going missing, you have a right to be. Determining the root cause of... Continue »

More is Good: Tips for Creating Triggered Product Reviews That Drive Conversions

When I think of what email marketers really want, I’m tempted to paraphrase Gordon Gekko from the movie “Wall Street,” substituting “greed” for “more.” More is good. Marketers want customers to purchase more and prospects to engage more; they want more email subscribers on their lists; they want more data to work with from more sources; and they want more brand recognition than their competition.... Continue »