Best of Valentine’s Day Subject Lines: Are you a betting man?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’ve already seen some pretty clever subject lines come through my inbox. This made me wonder – how do these risky subject lines perform? Do they pay off by generating higher subscriber engagement or are they deleted without reading? I looked at Inbox Insight to see what the top performing subject lines around Valentine’s Day were last year. I looked at... Continue »

The New Inbox Preview: More Features and Benefits!

We know how important it is for marketers and email designers to make sure that their emails are displayed correctly in any email client. Which is why we are very excited to announce the new and improved Inbox Preview which will let marketers and designers ensure that their emails look great for everyone, every time! The new Inbox Preview provides broader mobile coverage and the ability to not... Continue »

Which Subject Lines Have More Impact?

Have you ever waited to hit the send button on your marketing email because you weren't sure if your subject line would grab your audience?  This year at Marketing Sherpa Email Summit 2014, Return Path will have a team of email experts on hand to discuss subject line strategies and much more! There are only a few weeks left till Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit in Las Vegas (Feb. 17th to the 20th).... Continue »

Email Marketing for Valentine’s Day: Insights from the Online Flower Industry

Valentine’s Day usually sneaks up on me and on some occasions, I completely forget about it.  But this year it was hard to forget because starting in early January, I received an unusually high number of email reminders from various marketers, especially ones urging me to buy flowers for that special someone. I decided to investigate my increase in volume of Valentine’s Day flower offers and see... Continue »

Cyber Monday: What We Can Learn from the World’s Largest Online Retailer

Cyber Monday was hugely successful this year. According to comScore, this Cyber Monday broke records as the biggest day in US history for online spending. Of the top retail websites, online shoppers visited Amazon the most and it had the biggest year-over-year growth of site visits at 36% (source: Experian Hitwise). By using Inbox Insight data, I saw how Amazon’s email marketing strategy for Cyber... Continue »