The Reckoning: Assessing My 2013 Predictions/Unpredictions

When I published my 2013 unpredictions, I thought at least one of them was risky. Email trends and technology are developing faster than they used to, so a year isn’t a long time anymore. Sure enough, I almost missed. Still I gave myself high marks in this year’s reckoning. Here’s what I predicted/unpredicted for the past twelve months: Prediction: Marketing and Security Will Join Forces to Fight... Continue »

Do Your Boss a Favor: Attend DMA Annual on my Discount

Most Return Path blog readers know I’m currently serving as Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association’s Board of Directors. I’ve been involved with the DMA for many years because I believe in the power of data-driven marketing. Its channels have always been revenue workhorses, but data-driven marketing is also a crucial driver of customer relationships and brand building initiatives. Helping... Continue »

Return Path’s Newest Board Member: Jeff Epstein

I’ve written on my blog, Only Once, about how much I love my Board. Well, I’m pleased to announce I have a new reason to love it – today, I’m officially welcoming Jeff Epstein to the Return Path Board of Directors. He is joining an all-star cast that includes Greg Sands, Fred Wilson, Brad Feld, Scott Weiss and Scott Petry. I first met Jeff back in 2000 when, as CFO of DoubleClick, he... Continue »

Return Path’s Josh Baer: Austin’s Community Leader of the Year

Congratulations to Return Path’s Joshua Baer, named Austin’s Community Leader of the Year by the Entrepreneur Foundation of Central Texas. If you know Josh (and if you’ve so much as passed through the email or Austin technology community, you do) you’ll have a hard time coming up with anyone more deserving of this title. He’s a sought-after advisor to startups and young companies, the creative... Continue »

The Biggest Threat to Email Marketing (and Why You Should Come to Washington)

All of our jobs are all in real danger. The email channel and even online marketing as we know it are facing serious threats, and not necessarily from forces hostile to marketing. I’m entering my second year as chairman of the Direct Marketing Association, and GetResponse’s Jim Ducharme asked a question that reminded me of this during last week’s Email Evolution Conference in Miami Beach. “What’s... Continue »