Yahoo to reorganize their European operations

[NOTE: The changes below apply to all Yahoo! properties in Europe, not only those in the UK] Some of you might have seen the recent announcement from Yahoo! UK that beginning 21 March 2014, they will be providing their services from a single European entity based in Ireland. As part of this change, Yahoo! UK will become Yahoo! EMEA Limited. This change affects all Yahoo! UK services including... Continue »

Gmail’s New Feedback Loop and Unsubscribe Button

Two big Gmail changes were announced at this week’s M3AAWG meeting in San Francisco, both of which could reduce the volume of mail that sparks complaints. Google unveiled a Gmail Feedback Loop (FBL) for email service providers (ESPs) and made it easier for users to unsubscribe from marketing email. Getting subscriber feedback from Google has always been a challenge, but select ESPs can now get a... Continue »

Lost in Translation? Common Misinterpretations of Email Marketing Best Practices

Recent conversations with both Senders and mailbox providers have led me to a realization: There is a large gap in how email marketers and mailbox providers interpret the meaning and application of BCP (Best Common Practices). I attend a number of industry events to stay informed on where the industry is going, and make sure I’m up-do-date on the latest topics, technologies and ideas. The... Continue »

Gmail Kills "Display Images Below", Enables All Images by Default

Last week, Gmail started caching images in emails which left the email industry scrambling to adjust. Today, Google revealed why they made the change – images will soon be shown automatically in the webmail user interface, as well as their iOS and Android apps. The industry wondered what the exact reason for this change was. Surely, caching images would serve images in an email more quickly, but... Continue »

Inactive Subscribers Don’t Hurt Until They Do

One of the questions I get asked a lot is “My mail has always delivered 100% inbox and out of nowhere it’s going 100% to the spam folder. What happened and how can I get back to the inbox as quickly as possible?!” As I previously discussed, mailbox providers (MBPs) have very little time to focus on delivery issues, because their top priorities are keeping their users safe and happy.  So there... Continue »