How Return Path Helped a Financial Services Giant Block 96% of Suspicious Messages

Too often, brands lack visibility into the widespread phishing attacks plaguing their email program. As a result, they must rely on a small volume of customer abuse reports to identify attacks. This reactive approach can wreak havoc on brand reputation and revenue. In 2012, a global financial services leader was experiencing these dangerous consequences and needed help—fast. The threat... Continue »

Sweat the Small Stuff: Big Results Through Email Marketing Fundamentals

While big data is helpful to marketers, "little data," such as inbox placement rates and authentication results, often identifies problems faster for email marketers. Email marketers can get lost in the noise and over promise of "Big Data." Deep analysis of large data sets is important, and businesses today use them successfully to uncover solutions that are difficult to discover anywhere... Continue »

3 Key Highlights from Gartner’s Security & Risk Management Summit

Earlier this week, we joined over 2,595 CISOs and security professionals at Gartner’s twenty-first annual Security & Risk Management Summit in Washington, DC (June 8-11). It was a great event, packed with compelling presentations. Here are three key highlights we wanted to share with you. 1. Align security investments to business outcomes Gartner analyst Peter Firstbrook kicked things off by... Continue »

Study: 21 Billion Messages Appearing to Come from Top Brands Deemed Suspicious

Phishing costs companies around the globe $4.5 billion each year, and attacks are increasing in frequency and sophistication.   A recent study by Return Path underscores just how prevalent fraud against unprotected brands might be in mailboxes around the world.   We examined more than 200 billion messages attributed to 157 large global brands between Q4-2014 and Q1-2015 to look for suspicious... Continue »

Infographic: How to Prevent Email Fraud with DMARC

Email fraud costs companies around the world millions every year, and can destroy brand reputation—customers are 42% less likely to interact with a brand after being phished or spoofed. And it’s getting worse. Phishing attacks are on the rise, up more than 162% between 2010 and 2014. DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance), a three year old industry authentication... Continue »