The Best Email I Ever Received – Holiday Edition

Return Path’s Professional Services team is excited to announce the launch of our new blog series –The Best Email I Ever Received! Working as consultants, we spend our days helping clients optimize their email programs for improved deliverability and engagement.  We’re constantly scouring our personal inboxes for great email examples that we can highlight and share and we’ve seen it all from the... Continue »

Abandonment = Opportunity: Five Tips to Boost Remarketing Revenue

With the holiday season fast approaching, the countdown timer ticking toward Black Friday and Cyber Monday and visions of overflowing online shopping carts dancing in many email marketers’ heads, I decided to get into the festive spirit as only one possessing email intelligence can: by focusing on remarketing. There’s no more effective remarketing message for driving conversions than the triggered... Continue »

Mario and Luigi: The Ultimate Subscriber Experience

My kids are obsessed with video games.  Specifically, Super Mario Brothers.  And as much as I hate to admit it, I get caught up in it, too.  Mario and Luigi have been around since I was a kid playing on the original Nintendo gaming console, so it’s fun to channel my inner-child and attempt to beat the level before my own kids do.  Recently, when I was battling for power-ups and gold coins, I... Continue »

Transactional Messages – Turning Dust into Dollars

Are you missing out on a major opportunity to engage your best customers and subscribers?  Are you not sure how to optimize your transactional messages? Once established, transactional messages often become the forgotten creatives of an email program, rarely getting much love and attention when it comes to optimization.   With all of the demands placed on the typical email marketer, it’s easy to... Continue »

Webinar: Secrets of Successful Email Copywriting

Email copy only has a couple words and even fewer seconds to grab subscriber attention and entice them to click through. With so little time, how can you create copy that counts? Join Tami Forman, Return Path’s VP Corporate Marketing & Communications, for a live webinar Wednesday, November 19th to find out the Secrets of Successful Email Copywriting. Join us for the webinar to learn: How email... Continue »