Father of Spam, Mother of Invention: How Much Has Email Changed in 37 Years?

When Gary Thuerk sent the first bulk electronic mail promotion to about 400 people nearly 37 years ago to this day, it caused a firestorm of controversy, and to this date he is referred to as the “Father of Spam.” The message was unsolicited, and sent in bulk to a group of researchers and admins. In Thuerk’s defense, there was little opportunity to receive permission digitally back then. The world... Continue »

Announcing the Context.IO App Challenge!

Email is the data source. Context.IO is the tool. What you build with it is up to you! Context.IO is holding an online competition for software developers. The challenge? Build a consumer app using email data. You might wonder what you could possibly build with email data. Well, take a minute to think about all the ways consumers use email every day: Storing receipts and coupons Sharing photos and... Continue »

News Flash! Good Subject Lines Drive Conversions

Hopefully this isn’t really news. (It isn’t, right?) In a world where every inbox suffers from email overload and every brand is fighting for subscribers’ precious time, we know that most people spend just a fraction of a second deciding whether to open, ignore, or delete a given message. A well-crafted subject line can grab readers’ attention and entice them to engage with your message rather... Continue »

Want to Get More Out of Your Subject Lines? Try Testing.

How many emails are in your inbox right now? Do you plan to read all of them? If you are like most of us, you probably don't have that kind of time. Instead you will quickly scan through the list and open the handful that catch your eye. Catching the consumer’s eye is the goal of every marketer, and when it comes to email the subject line is the best way to do this. Considering how important the... Continue »

Email Client Monitor: Making the Most of Your Data (Part 1)

Data is key to every marketer's decisions. Whether it’s what day works best for a campaign or which of your subscribers will like your new iPhone app, the right data can help you make informed decisions and avoid using guesswork to guide your program.  While not having the right data can lead to poor decisions, having more than you know what to do with can be equally scary. At first glance, Return... Continue »