5 Ways to Prevent Blacklistings — the Genius Approach

“Intellectuals solve problems; geniuses prevent them.” When Albert Einstein relayed this very wise message, he was decades removed from a world of computers and email marketing. However, Return Path email geniuses still follow this simple principle, helping clients prepare for problems before they occur. Blacklisting can be a major roadblock to inbox placement, so Return Path recently published... Continue »

Reengaging Inactive Subscribers – Why It Matters, and New Webinar

Senders confronted with gradual attrition of subscriber activity are faced with a dilemma. Should these addresses remain on the mailing list? One could argue that there isn’t any harm in continuing to mail to subscribers who did opt-in. However, there is no real benefit in emailing someone who isn’t reading your messages. In fact, hanging on to old addresses that are no longer interacting with... Continue »

Courting Subscribers: A Love Story

It takes a lot to catch my attention as a subscriber (when I don’t have my marketing hat on) and compel me to open a promotional email. I recently asked myself, what does it take to get a user experiencing inbox-fatigue to read an email? I realized that the process of engaging with a new subscriber is not unlike a suitor courting a new love interest. I know, who says courting or suitor anymore,... Continue »