Congratulations to Rodney Joffe, Winner of the 2016 M3AAWG Mary Litynski Award

As an internet user, chances are many aspects of your online security have been influenced by Rodney Joffe. As a life-long cybersecurity advocate, Joffe has played an influential role in protecting the public from spam and botnets while securing networks against major attacks. His efforts across the globe inspired better international cooperation and protection against online abuse. Nationally,... Continue »

Nominations Now Open for the 2014 J. D. Falk Award

J.D. Falk was, among many other things, one of the leading champions for security on the internet. While his life was unbearably short it had an outsize impact on the world through work he did with M3AAWG, the IETF, and CAUCE. Those of us who worked here with him at Return Path will be forever grateful for the opportunity to know him and learn from him. So we are extremely proud to announce that... Continue »

Call for M3AAWG Mary Litynski Award Nominations

Every year the Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group (M3AAWG) gives out a lifetime achievement award to honor the memory of Mary Litynski, whose steadfast support helped make M3AAWG the successful organization that it is today. The award recognizes people who have contributed significantly to making the Internet safer for all. Recognized work can be academic research, significant... Continue »

Why I Think Return Path is FORTUNE's #4 Best Place to Work

I joined Return Path ten years ago because Matt Blumberg convinced me that he had a vision for a better way to run a company. It was totally unlike anything I'd heard from a CEO. I started two weeks later. The idea that struck me then was simple: Everyone at Return Path lived and worked by a set of core values that instilled openness and trust, inspired people to support each other and push each... Continue »

Congratulations Matt Blumberg – New Author!

There was no such thing as a field guide for how to run a high-growth business when Return Path was running out of office space and scrambling to hire teams around the world. Now there is. Matt Blumberg began writing his Only Once blog to talk about the challenges he faced as a first-time CEO (which you can only be once) because he wished there was a resource like it when Return Path started... Continue »