Spamhaus DBL Changes Coming - What List Users Need to Know

Beginning on July 1, Spamhaus will be publishing new return codes for its DBL list. My colleague, Christine Borgia, has already blogged about its effect on senders, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss how consumers of the DBL might be impacted. The goal of the changes, which are shown in the table below, is to introduce more granularity to the response codes, and better identify the reason... Continue »

Using DMARC To Overcome Hurdles To DMARC Adoption

DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is a steadily emerging, mature technology that allows domain owners to assert their preferences for mail disposition based on authentication results (SPF and/or DKIM). Through the publication of a record in DNS, a domain can request that any unauthenticated mail be rejected, treated as suspicious (a.k.a., quarantined), or have... Continue »

M3AAWG Publishes ARF/X-ARF Usage Recommendation

M3AAWG, the Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group ( recently published a document affirming their recommendation that Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) be the preferred method of reporting email abuse through feedback loops (FBLs) and other means. In addition, the document recommends that the X-ARF format be used to report any abuse incidents that are... Continue »

AHBL Blacklist To Be Retired

The maintainers of the Abusive Hosts Blocking List announced on March 26 that the list will cease to exist not later than Saturday, March 29, 2014. Mail server operators using this list should take note and adjust their server configurations accordingly. The maintainers are giving the community plenty of lead time here, but those who don’t adjust will find themselves likely blocking all inbound... Continue »

Leveraging an FBL to Reduce Complaints

Before I joined Return Path, I worked as the Postmaster at a North American cable provider/ISP. My memories from those years, specifically 2006 or so (my memory gets fuzzy as I get older) include attending conferences and participating in online discussions about what was then a new idea in the email industry, the Feedback Loop (FBL). I remember thinking how great it would be to have a mechanism... Continue »