Three-for-Three: Return Path Makes Third Consecutive OTA Honor Roll

We're delighted to make the Online Trust Alliance's 2012 Online Trust Honor Roll, especially since it marks the third consecutive year we've been included. As a founding OTA member, Return Path was among the first companies in our industry to actively promote the importance of security and privacy in maintaining consumer trust. Our clients and our team members all deserve credit for... Continue »

The Online Trust Alliance Forum: The Training You Need to Bullet Proof Online Security and Trust Practices

Do you think that your company has its online security and trust practices completely bullet proofed? I’m willing to bet hard dollars (or at least donuts) you are wrong, and a recent experience only makes me more confident that I’d win that bet more times than I’d lose it.I’m sort of a geek, so my kids have had email accounts since before they could say “email.” I recently moved my 11-year-old... Continue »

Prospecting Under CASL

I continue to regularly receive commercial business solicitations to my Return Path assigned email address.  I’ve written before on my personal blog about handling these sales pitches from people I don’t know.Since 2003 when the CAN-SPAM Act went into effect in the United States, these messages have been regulated as a form of commercial email which must comply with the law.  I find that even... Continue »

ISPs Are Not to Blame for Delivery Challenges Faced by Marketers

At Return Path we work hard to make email work better for everyone who has a stake in it. This includes marketers, as most people know, but it also includes ISPs and mailbox providers. It’s not easy for either party, but the problems for ISPs in particular are noteworthy. They are tasked with protecting their network and users from an unending onslaught of spam, scams, viruses and malware. It is a... Continue »

More Regulation in Our Future? A Webinar with the FTC

When it comes to privacy and behavioral tracking, the FTC has largely given the direct marketing and email marketing industries a mandate to "self regulate, or else." We've done a pretty good job of that as an industry, but this year we may see some additional attention paid to our success. You simply must be aware of these issues, and so I'm happy to invite you to join me at a... Continue »