Happy 10th Birthday, Gmail!

April 1st marks the 10th anniversary of Gmail. Not even out of elementary school yet, and Gmail is already the #1 webmail service in the world (and a side note that Hotmail will finally be of legal age to vote this 4th of July). Picture it: March 31, 2004. I was most likely in my Hotmail account deleting emails to stay under the 2MB storage cap. On the next day, Google announced its email service,... Continue »

Gmail Turns the Inbox into a Visual Feast - What Marketers Need to Know

For marketers, Gmail’s promotion tab has been a bit of a blessing and a curse. Today, Gmail delivers more opt-in marketing emails to the promotions tab compared to the spam folder. This has been great for businesses since the chances of people reading emails in the spam folder is slim to none. On the other hand, people reading promotional emails from certain companies and industries declined... Continue »

Are your marketing emails not reaching the inbox at Yahoo!? Learn why in our next webinar.

The next webinar our Marketer’s Field Guide series takes a look at Yahoo! Mail and what marketers need to know to get their emails delivered to the inbox. We’ll answer the following questions, plus many more: Why are my emails going to the spam folder? Why are my emails getting deferred for so long? How do I sign up for the Yahoo! feedback loop? Is Yahoo! still notifying senders if they... Continue »

webinar: The Email Marketer's Guide to Gmail

Join Return Path Wednesday, February 26th at 11 AM MST / 1 PM EST for a look inside Gmail as Melinda Plemel and Tonya Mitchell take a deep dive into what truly matters to reach the inbox at Gmail in our latest webinar in the Field Guide series “The Email Marketer’s Guide to Gmail.” Read below for registration details, and we’ll “see” you on the 26th! Attend the Webinar on February 26th to hear... Continue »

[Webinar] Know Your Audience: Turning Email Intelligence into Actionable Insights to Maximize Your ROI

Please join me and Return Path partner ExactTarget this Thursday at 1PM EST for a webinar entitled “Know Your Audience: Turning Email Intelligence into Actionable Insights to Maximize Your ROI” . I’ll be co-presenting with Jeff Rohrs on how to use email intelligence for audience development. Proprietary audience development is the core concept behind Jeff’s new book “AUDIENCE: Marketing in the... Continue »