2009 European Anti-Spam Report Released

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Alex Rubin

By Alex Rubin
Vice President, Business Development

Enisa (European Network and Information Security Agency) just released their third survey on anti-spam measures implemented by European providers. They interviewed 90 EMEA xSPs (Internet Service Providers, Telcos, Hosting companies, etc) in 30 European countries to compile the results.

The survey is a comprehensive look at spam issues affecting Europe and highlights how spam is truly a global problem. European mailbox providers echo concerns raised in the United States and globally.

There were two points in the survey that are especially important for marketers to consider as they send legitimate email to this region in 2010. First, the most commonly mentioned anti-spam application in Europe was the open-source SpamAssassin. In addition, they point out that a large percentage of providers plan to implement reputation databases in the next six months.

For Return Path Certification members, this is good news! Return Path’s Path Certified whitelist receives preferential treatment by Spam Assassin installations. Additionally, our Sender Score reputation measure found at www.senderscore.org helps senders and receivers understand the quality of mail being sent from a particular IP and handle it appropriately.

Some other key findings:

  • Less than 5% of all email traffic is delivered to mailboxes
  • Nearly a third of providers reported that they think there are conflicts between the use of spam filtering and the ISP’s obligation to deliver messages and to protect privacy
  • Two authentication technologies gained ground: Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM–up from about 5% to 17%), and Sender ID Framework (SIDF–up from about 5% to 9%).

Remember, email crosses borders every day. Understanding how the international email community views (or doesn’t) your communication is crucial for success in the 2010 economy. Return Path applauds ENISA and its participants for collecting and interpreting this important, useful data, and we sincerely hope things improve before the next report in 2011.

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