21 Percent of Messages Miss the Inbox [New Research]

Posted by Patty Atwater 

This year, many marketers have struggled to reach customers’ inboxes. On average, one in five messages were sent to spam or when missing, and deliverability experienced a slight decline quarter over quarter.

Landing in the the inbox is essential to building relationships and generating revenue. If a message is not delivered to the inbox, customers can’t see it, interact, or convert. With 21 percent of messages missing the inbox, marketers are not only losing out on a lot of potential revenue but also customer visibility.  When marketers fail to hit the inbox, they risk losing business to competitors who succeed in reaching their target audience.

In the 2016 Deliverability Benchmark, we share the state of deliverability, including:

  • How email gets delivered and how to measure inbox placement
  • Global inbox placement trends broken out by quarter
  • Deliverability statistics for eight individual countries
  • Key elements marketers need to focus on to increase their deliverability

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