3 Triggered Emails to Improve Brand Loyalty

Posted by Alexandra Braunstein 

Whether it’s Lowe’s or Home Depot, JetBlue or Delta, Coke or Pepsi, most people have strong bonds with at least a few specific brands. In a crowded marketplace and inbox, where customers have a wide variety of shopping options, companies need to become brand favorites in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Understanding your customer lifecycle and using key email messages to complement different lifecycle phases can help improve email program engagement and foster brand loyalty. Here are three triggered emails to help you build those long-term relationships:

Birthday Emails
Sending subscribers a birthday email, whether it’s during their birthday month or on the actual day, is a great way to bring personalization to the email program. Plus, according to research from Mapp Digital, subscribers expect to receive these types of messages. Fully two thirds (67 percent) of people surveyed indicated they expect companies to personalize emails based on their birthday.

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