5 Tips to Rekindle Your Unengaged Relationships

Posted by Tom Sather 

They call it a honeymoon phase for a reason—it is only temporary. The key—and challenge—to developing a top email program is transitioning users from the honeymoon phase into an ongoing, engaging relationship. This is not such an easy thing to do; it takes work. Over time subscribers’ interests will change. They will move, change jobs, and develop a new hobbies. Their taste for certain content will shift away from content they were previously interested in, or even brands they once loved.

Despite their fading interest, your inactive subscribers have yet to take the fateful step of unsubscribing from your email program, putting an end to the relationship. They are still maintaining a connection to your brand, so before they sever all ties, why not fight to keep them? Standing passively by and making little effort to re-engage subscribers, by reminding them who you are and how much value your program offers, isn’t very different from cutting them from your list entirely. Before giving up these users as a lost cause, or resolving to do nothing and let your relationship run its course, invest in winning back your subscribers. Showcase the value of your email program and remind subscribers why they signed up in the first place.

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