6 Free Return Path Tools that Will Enhance Your Email Marketing

Posted by Brittany Luebke 

A few months ago, I wrote about our Free Tools section. Since then, we’ve added even more resources to help you enhance your email marketing efforts. You don’t have to be a Return Path customer to take advantage of these tools—nor do you have to be a technical expert. Here’s a rundown of the tools available and how they’ll bolster your email marketing efforts:

Geo Email Monitor
Launched in October 2016, Geo Email Monitor enables you to track the location and email platform of your subscribers. By uncovering this important data, you can effectively target and segment your audience, providing a more personalized and engaging email experience.

After creating your account, simply copy and paste the provided pixel into your email’s HTML code, hit send, and start analyzing your data. You can use Geo Email Monitor up to six times a month for your email campaigns.

Sender Score
Mailbox providers take many factors into account when determining your sender reputation—spam complaints, mailing to unknown users, industry blacklists, and more. Our sender score tool measures these factors—mirroring mailbox providers’ own calculations—to give you a representative sender reputation score.

Check out this blog post to learn about the various components that make up your Sender Score and read the 2016 Sender Score Benchmark to find out how your reputation impacts your email program.

Blacklist Lookup
Return Path hosts an official list of IP addresses that exhibit suspected spammer activity. This blacklist is widely used and based on real-time data from Return Path’s cooperative Global Reputation Network.

The Global Reputation Network blacklist calculates the probability that emails from a particular IP address may be spam based on measurements of undesirability. This calculation is based on the percentage of email messages from an IP address that are considered spam by individual recipients, mailbox providers, and filters through actions such as complaints, unusual volume patterns, emails sent to spam traps, and emails sent to unknown users.

Look up your domain to ensure that you’re not on any blacklists!

Email Marketing Check-Up
Is your email program beating out the competition?

Get a personalized scorecard that will benchmark your email program’s performance against best-in-class senders in your industry.

Unsubscribe Calculator
How many subscribers are you losing every year due to unsubscribes?

We developed a tool that estimates the number of subscribers churning from your email program annually—as well as the associated cost.

Sample Size Calculator
While testing may seem daunting or time consuming, it doesn’t have to be.

We created a sample size calculator that determines what percentage of your list should receive the “test” version of your email marketing experiments, in order for your test to be statistically significant.

Use the calculator to take the guesswork and math out of your email marketing testing.

You’ll see that two of our tools are no longer on our list – DMARC Wizard, DMARC Check, and SPF Check. With our Email Fraud Protection business’ move to Proofpoint, you can now find these free tools on their website.

We hope you find these tools useful. When we add new offerings, you can find them here!.

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