Attend Our Email Deliverability Workshop and Learn Why “It Depends”

Posted by Tonya Mitchell 

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of frustrated clients that want an answer to that short but loaded deliverability question: “WHY?!”  The short answer: “It depends.” It depends on the email practices you follow regarding your list acquisition and maintenance, content, delivery plan, technical infrastructure, subscriber engagement, etc. It depends on how you navigate through this complex maze of email deliverability that determines whether or not you reach the coveted inbox versus being caught in the spam folder.

Don’t go it alone; let me be your guide! My colleague Julia Peavy and I will be leading the “Email Deliverability Workshop: Beyond the Basics” on Monday, February 17th at the Marketing Sherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas. During this workshop we’ll review the multiple points of failure that cause your email to end up in the spam folder.  We’ll provide you with the best practices to avoid these pitfalls as well as a look into the big four Mailbox Providers and how all this fits into their filtering “secret sauce”.

Reserve your seat today and get clarity behind the “it depends” for your email program including:

  • Email Trends and Fundamentals
  • Importance of Sender Reputation
  • Content and Rendering
  • Lists & Segmentation
  • Reducing Complaints
  • Spoofing & Phishing Threat Awareness
  • ISP Filtering (Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, AOL)
  • Engagement & the Competition

Sign up today and let us help you conquer the deliverability maze and reach the inbox! We’ll see you in Vegas!

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As a Senior Technical Account Manager, Tonya Mitchell is a results-oriented professional passionate about building and maintaining strong client relationships that foster success. With over 12 years of email deliverability experience, Tonya has collaborated with a wide range of clients to provide strategic, data-driven guidance to maximize email delivery, sender reputation and brand engagement. She enjoys sharing her knowledge via Return Path webinars, blogs and industry events.

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