Hi & Goodbye: The Two Most Valuable Components of Your Email Program (Part 1)

There is a pretty common expression that I’m sure you have heard: “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whether going on a first date, walking into a job interview, or that dreaded meeting of the maybe-future-in-laws, making a good first impression is critical. To dig a little deeper, though, why do we want to make a good first impression? While there may be slight variations... Continue »

Know Your Audience: Subject Lines and Brand Perception

Everything your company produces contributes to your brand, whether it is a new product, a revolutionary study, an impressive announcement, or an email subject line. Every aspect of your company is used by customers and prospects to determine the value and quality of your brand and compare it against your competitors. Naturally you have an approval process to ensure that press releases and other... Continue »

Use Email for Building Customer Relationships

For marketers, keeping customers engaged with their email program and brand is a constant challenge. Most marketing programs include promotional emails, general newsletters, order information, and receipts—which is a good start, but these emails don't provide a lot of reason to engage beyond the immediate transaction. Some smart marketers have taken the next step, creating email messages that are... Continue »

News Flash! Good Subject Lines Drive Conversions

Hopefully this isn’t really news. (It isn’t, right?) In a world where every inbox suffers from email overload and every brand is fighting for subscribers’ precious time, we know that most people spend just a fraction of a second deciding whether to open, ignore, or delete a given message. A well-crafted subject line can grab readers’ attention and entice them to engage with your message rather... Continue »

Email Client Monitor: Making the Most of Your Data (Part 1)

Data is key to every marketer's decisions. Whether it’s what day works best for a campaign or which of your subscribers will like your new iPhone app, the right data can help you make informed decisions and avoid using guesswork to guide your program.  While not having the right data can lead to poor decisions, having more than you know what to do with can be equally scary. At first glance, Return... Continue »