Focus on the Fundamentals

“In the end, it’s extra effort that separates a winner from second place. But winning takes a lot more that, too. It starts with complete command of the fundamentals. Then it takes desire, determination, discipline, and self-sacrifice. And finally, it takes a great deal of love, fairness, and respect for your fellow man. Put all these together, and even if you don’t win, how can you lose?” — Jesse... Continue »

Help! I’m Suspended for Sender Reputation Data (SRD)

As a Technical Account Manager, I see a lot of senders struggle with Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD). They say it’s “not fair” and ask, “How can we remove people who complain if we don’t know who they are?” While it seems confusing at times, SRD provides an objective view on how satisfied your subscribers are with your email program. It’s easy to keep your complaint rate low by sending more... Continue »

We Were On a Break! Three Ways to Win Back Your Unengaged Subscribers

It happens to everyone. At one point you were the top dog in your customer’s inbox. They checked every day to see what you were going to offer them. Flight deals?  Cruise discounts? Free shipping? Then, just like that, it changed.   Maybe they haven’t been booking tropical vacations, maybe they became loyal to a new airline, or maybe they found a new place to shop. But, whatever the reason, they... Continue »

Email Space Monkeys: Use Seed Data to Test Your Campaign before Hitting "Send"

If you’re anything like me, you might think of an email campaign as a space ship… Okay, maybe that’s just me. As we all know, just like rockets and other spacecraft, some email campaigns might fly through the metaphorical heavens while others may never get off the ground. As legendary aerospace engineer Burt Rutan, the brains behind Voyager, once said, “Testing leads to failure, and failure leads... Continue »

How to Build a "Unicorn" Email Program

For years I’ve been searching for a digital marketing "unicorn"—that perfect user experience that goes beyond best-in-class to capture my attention, motivate my loyalty, and liberate my credit card. My search has intensified over the last months, driven by a need to refresh my retail test inbox as well as my closet.  Exploring far and wide in the apparel retail space as both a consultant and... Continue »