Tips for Selecting an Email Service Provider

As the worldwide leader in email intelligence, Return Path is well positioned between global brands, the email service providers (ESPs) and on-premise messaging solutions that they work with, and the ISPs, mailbox providers and various filtering agencies.  We partner with most of the major ESPs and messaging solutions out there, and because of this, we have a lot of knowledge about what each... Continue »

Dealing With Gmail Tabs: Just How Effective Are Dedicated Gmail Campaigns?

As an account manager at Return Path, I’ve had many clients ask me about Gmail Tabs, specifically how it will affect their emails and what they should do to make sure their emails are still being seen and read by subscribers.  One thing that some marketers are trying is sending a campaign to their Gmail subscribers with instructions on how to continue receiving their mail in their Primary tab. I... Continue »

Just how engaging are birthday emails?

I recently celebrated my birthday and received a few nicely crafted birthday emails from retailers that I have a relationship with.  We’ve all heard before that birthday emails typically generate better response rates than normal email newsletters and promotions, but I wanted to see for myself if that was true.  I know I opened and interacted with each of these emails, but did others?  To answer... Continue »

3 Steps to Qualify for Gmail’s “Feedback Loop”

Email marketers are great at tracking positive engagement on their emails in the form of opens, clicks, conversions, and forwards/shares.  But you should be tracking negative engagement in the form of unsubscribes and complaints as well.  Unsubscribes are usually easy to track, since they are generally received and processed through your sending software.  But complaints can be a little harder to... Continue »

Email Deliverability Terms You Need to Know (part 3)

As with in any industry, those of us in the email deliverability world tend to throw out a lot of jargon. If you're new to the wonderful world of email, much of it may be jibberish to you. To help newbies and vertrans alike, I have put together a list of the top 80 email deliverability terms you should know. Below is part three of three (S-Z). Parts one (A-H) and two (I-R) have already been... Continue »