Fortune Names Return Path a Best Place to Work for Millennials

I have always known the potential of a workplace where people feel valued and empowered, where autonomy and innovation are encouraged, and where support is provided every step of the way. Return Path has seen remarkable employee performance and success because we make these values a priority. It turns out, they are also important to a major segment of the workforce—millennials. Because of... Continue »

Fifteen Years is a Long Time to Fly the Same Flag

  Show me a logo that stood for a business for fifteen years and I’ll show you a great company. I’m proud to call Return Path a great company, of course, and I couldn’t be more proud of the way our logo represented us since 2000. Return Path has evolved and grown in ways we couldn’t imagine back then, but always under the same flag.   Today for the first time in our history we’re flying a new... Continue »

Stopping Patent Trolls: Op-ed in Crain's New York Business

I recently had a chance to talk to lawmakers in Washington about patent reform, something I know more about than I'd like to. This morning Crain's New York Business published a letter I wrote about our experience with patent trolls and how we can rewrite the rules to stop them from using the law for what amounts to extortion. I know too many of you have experience with this issue – if you’d like... Continue »

Welcome Dennis Dayman, Chief Privacy and Security Officer

The speed of change in data driven marketing has been truly amazing, forcing entire industry sectors to cooperate and share intelligence in a remarkably open way as we all navigate a constantly shifting landscape. A number of visionary data governance and privacy experts have emerged from this evolving new world, and few are as well travelled or well regarded as Dennis Dayman. As a speaker and... Continue »

The Reckoning: Assessing My 2013 Predictions/Unpredictions

When I published my 2013 unpredictions, I thought at least one of them was risky. Email trends and technology are developing faster than they used to, so a year isn’t a long time anymore. Sure enough, I almost missed. Still I gave myself high marks in this year’s reckoning. Here’s what I predicted/unpredicted for the past twelve months: Prediction: Marketing and Security Will Join Forces to Fight... Continue »