Help! I’m Suspended for Sender Reputation Data (SRD)

As a Technical Account Manager, I see a lot of senders struggle with Microsoft Sender Reputation Data (SRD). They say it’s “not fair” and ask, “How can we remove people who complain if we don’t know who they are?” While it seems confusing at times, SRD provides an objective view on how satisfied your subscribers are with your email program. It’s easy to keep your complaint rate low by sending more... Continue »

List Validation Service FAQs

List validation services are a hot topic among many senders recently. But aside from the information on each service’s individual site, it can be hard to find basic education on their function and purpose. Before you buy a list validation service, read through these FAQs to gain a better understanding of how and why a validation service might benefit your email program. What is a list validation... Continue »

Why You Should Stop Using a Shared IP Address

From the time we’re little kids, we are taught to share. We share our gum, we share rides, we share an umbrella in the rain. But for an email marketer, there are times when you shouldn’t share—especially when it comes to sharing an IP address. So what is a shared IP address? It’s an IP address that is used by more than one sender to deploy their emails. Shared IP addresses are most commonly used... Continue »

Data Overload? Focus On These 3 Metrics that Drive Sender Reputation

In the world of email marketing, engagement is king. But who (or what) is queen? When I think about engagement, the obvious complement is sender reputation metrics—to be successful, you need both! And because Sender Score is typically used as a leading indicator of sender reputation, the most important sender reputations metrics are those that influence Sender Score. Many of the conversations I... Continue »

All About Your Sender Score

Sender Score is a numerical score (1-100) for your IP address which operates much like a credit score. The lower your  score, the worse it is for your reputation at that IP. You can view your Sender Score in our Reputation Monitor tool as well as Each Sender Score is determined by factoring a sender’s performance across key reputation metrics important to both mailbox providers... Continue »