The Power of List Hygiene

The concept of removing email addresses from a sending list can feel counter-intuitive. There is a human instinct that influences our thinking, leading us to believe that by removing email addresses we're likely to reach fewer users and ultimately generate fewer sales.  Despite this sense, it's important to assess the measures of deliverability to understand whether removing select addresses from... Continue »

How to Protect Your Brand from Scary Risks Posed by New Domains

There are over 100 million domains ending in “.com.” But now, thanks to a new generic top-level domain (gTLD) program, there are many more options. Companies can replace .com with domain extensions that are more consistent with their industry, like .bank, .realty, or .shop. Some companies have gone one step further and bought their own top-level domain (TLD). For example, Barclays recently... Continue »

More Metrics That May Lead You Astray

A few weeks ago I wrote an article talking about how marketers need to stop using the Delivered Rate as a performance measure and should in many cases look to reduce their Delivered Rates, not increase them!  But the Delivered Rate is not the only metric leading marketers astray. Open Rates, Click Through Rates, even Inbox Placement Rates and Reputations scores are all misplaced focus points.  Ask... Continue »

Return Path's Guide to Spam Filters - An Excerpt

“People spend entire lifetimes trying to avoid the things that have already happened.” —S. Hartmann There are countless articles on the web entitled “How to Avoid Spam Filters.” A quick Google search results in at least ten pages of links to editorials and “how-to” guides meant to steer email marketers away from the spam folder and into the inbox with advice like, “Don’t use cheesy subject... Continue »

Email & the UK Election: Are Voters Engaging?

In the first part of my series on Email & the UK Election, we looked at the deliverability challenges faced by political party email programs. Factors such as sign-up processes, sender reputation, and authentication practices, all influence delivery rates, and we saw which programs are achieving best placement. We also calculated the real financial impact to the parties of poor deliverability... Continue »