Is Less More? New Study Provides Insight Around Sending Frequency

Send frequency is a topic that inspires heated debate among email marketers. Finding the right balance is an ongoing challenge—send too many emails and you risk annoying your subscribers; send too few and you'll miss out on valuable opportunities. In our latest study Frequency Matters: The keys to optimizing email send frequency, we evaluated the effect of email frequency on your email program.... Continue »

Investing in Testing? These Traps Can Cost You Dearly

While others debate about what to send, marketers who test already have the upper hand on creating content that kills. Previously I discussed the places you should test in your email program, but before you act on your results, make sure you're analyzing them correctly. You could be passing over the winning result if you fall into these six testing traps: 1. Poor testing conditions: As any... Continue »

When is it OK to Use a Shared IP Address?

Can you imagine handing the keys to your email marketing program over to a complete stranger? Me neither! That’s why I recommend using a dedicated IP address whenever possible. On a shared IP address, your sending reputation is only as strong as the weakest sender. As a result, your mailing reputation and deliverability on a shared IP address is at the mercy of other marketers.   However, there... Continue »

Engagement Metrics: Listen for the Sound of Customers Leaving

Some brands simply hang onto email subscribers better than others. They develop stronger relationships, more organic list growth, spend less on acquisition, and their customers’ lifetime values are higher—often dramatically so—than their competitors’. Among the differences between these leaders and the brands they outperform is systematic early intervention to anticipate and stem... Continue »

Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3

Who doesn't want their emails to make a splash? Unless you're an email savant, however, you might debate about what to send. While you can take chances, an easier and more effective method is to ask your audience. And although you can, and should, outright ask your subscribers what they want in the form of preference centers, this won't help you with the little details that can make or break... Continue »