Blacklist Basics: The Top Email Blacklists You Need to Know

Return Path recently released our “Ultimate Guide” to blacklists. This guide helps marketers understand the blacklist landscape, their impact and how to evaluate the potential risk to your email program. Since some of this information may be new to you, let’s take a step back and discuss the different types of blacklists we highlight in this guide.    There are over 300 publicly available spam... Continue »

Attend Our Email Deliverability Workshop and Learn Why "It Depends"

Over the years I’ve worked with a lot of frustrated clients that want an answer to that short but loaded deliverability question: “WHY?!”  The short answer: “It depends.” It depends on the email practices you follow regarding your list acquisition and maintenance, content, delivery plan, technical infrastructure, subscriber engagement, etc. It depends on how you navigate through this complex maze... Continue »

How to Use Complaints to Improve Your Email Program

Nobody likes a complainer – especially when it comes to your email program. The fact is complaints are the #1 reason why your sender reputation can decline and your inbox placement can take a nose dive. Why? Mailbox Providers need to protect and keep their customers happy so they don’t go elsewhere. When people hit the spam/junk button to complain about an email they are telling their Mailbox... Continue »

Help! I'm blocked at Hotmail! What do I do now?

If you’ve ever found yourself blocked at, the free mail service formerly known as Hotmail, you know that finding out where to start and what to do is confusing. I’ve created the following checklist and tips that any marketer or person sending email can follow to help them get delivered to the inbox. Check your bounce logs. If none of the mail you are sending is being accepted... Continue »

Why are my emails landing in spam? Here is your chance for a 1:1 with a Return Path Email Expert

  On February 19th – 21st, I'm conducting live, one-on-one coaching clinics on email deliverability at Marketing Sherpa’s Email Summit in Las Vegas.  Here’s your chance to get the answers to the questions you were afraid to ask!  What’s an email deliverability coaching clinic?  In layman's terms, I'll be coaching marketers on the importance of reaching the inbox, avoiding the spam folder, and how... Continue »