Boozt Improves Relationships with Target Mailbox Providers Through Return Path Certification and IP Address Warm-Up

Posted by Nina Bosanko 

Boozt is a leading and rapidly growing online fashion store in the Nordic region. Formed in 2009, the e-commerce firm operates in nine European countries, offering a contemporary selection of fashion labels through its multi-brand website, which boasts five million monthly visitors.

Email is one of the company’s most important marketing channels. Hugely relied upon to maintain and improve customer loyalty and communication, it is one of Boozt’s strongest revenue streams. The company’s email program consists of personalized daily newsletters that include latest offers, fashion inspiration, and top trends.

When Boozt changed its email marketing service, the company also moved from a shared to a dedicated IP address. This resulted in low inbox placement rates, with less than 80 percent of emails reaching customer inboxes. Inbox placement also varied dramatically depending on the mailbox provider.

Boozt needed a boost in inbox placement rates, so it turned to Return Path to roll out a comprehensive IP address warm-up program and to learn more about how Certification could help improve the e-commerce company’s reputation and inbox placement rate across all mailbox providers.

The impact of Return Path’s Certification program was almost instant, with inbox placement at Microsoft increasing from zero percent to 100 percent almost immediately. The company’s overall inbox placement rate also rose from 80 percent to 99 percent, which worked out as an increase of over one million SEK in revenue each month!

Certification coupled with an IP address warm-up program provided Boozt with the email stability it needed, giving the organization unrivaled insight into how its program is performing on all levels, whilst raising deliverability figures.

You can read the full case study here.


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