Changing ESPs? It doesn’t have to be a nightmare [Case Study]

Posted by Lauren Harris 

So you’ve got your deliverability all buttoned up and it’s smooth sailing. What could mess that up, right? Well then it’s decided that you’ll be switching to a new ESP, which immediately throws everything for a loop.

This is what happened recently to Rogers Media, one of Canada’s largest B2B publishing brands, who rely heavily on inbox placement for its revenue stream. Unfortunately, during the transition to their new ESP, deliverability started to go haywire. The new sending IP address did not have their previously-established reputation and their mail began to go to the spam folder as well as being blocked completely.

In order to turn this scenario around, Rogers Media reached out to Return Path for their email expertise and guidance. Working closely with the Return Path team, they were able to discover the root cause of these new deliverability issues, implement an action plan to fix the problem, and join Return Path Certification in order to keep this improvement inbox placement steady.

“Return Path helped us achieve our benchmark open rate throughout the entire ESP migration process,” said Shields. “Now our email programs are in better shape than ever. None of that would have been possible without Return Path.”

To learn more about how to make the migration to a new ESP easier, read our newest case study!

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