How Return Path Helped CIG Realize a Seven-Digit Revenue Boost

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Capital Insurance Group saw great potential in email. The company had already strengthened customer relationships through its loyalty program and identified an opportunity to leverage email communication to further build its brand and generate incremental revenue. Above all CIG wanted to extend more support to its local insurance advisors, and deepening customer connections through email was a clear choice.

So CIG turned to Return Path to guide the development of an email strategy that reached out to policyholders with highly customized campaigns, focusing especially on key points in the customer cycle – especially renewal periods. Individual response and engagement data from Return Path helped the company optimize campaigns to continually improve inbox placement and performance. (Inbox placement increased by 25% in the program’s first six months.) The program quickly became an effective way to reinforce policyholders’ connections to local advisors, but it also drove impressive revenue gains.

Using highly targeted triggered email to offer additional policy options, based on individual customer needs, at precisely the right time in the policyholder cycle generated a dramatic lift in upsell and cross-sell success. CIG reported a ten-fold increase in business related to the program, representing a seven-digit revenue boost. Additionally one-third of all new policies bought by CIG’s loyalty program members are directly linked to targeted email communications that leverage subscriber-specific information.

Today the power of email intelligence is leading a century-old insurance company to new levels of success, helping CIG drive brand loyalty, local business relationships, and revenue by using customer insight to build better communications.

For more about how Return Path helped CIG acheive these gains, click here to read the full case study.

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