Clients, We Hear You!

Posted by Anita Absey 

We take our clients seriously here at Return Path. When they have a problem, we’ll do our best to fix it. When they have a great idea we look into how we can make it happen.

Part of taking clients seriously, of course, is taking every opportunity to listen to them. Which means we try to make it easy for our clients to talk to us. And so Return Path is announcing our User Group Meetings for this year, hosted in each of our three US offices: Broomfield, CO; Mountain View, CA; New York, NY.

Clients, want to be the first to hear insider information about industry trends and corporate news? Want to know the ins and outs of our tools and services, and swap ideas with and learn from other experienced users? Best of all, want your feedback to result in better products? Then sign up for the User Group that is closest to you! We’re here to serve you.

Our User Groups are an exclusive benefit for Return Path clients. If you aren’t yet one of our valued clients, let us know and we’ll give you plenty of reasons why you should be!

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About Anita Absey

Anita Absey, General Manager of Consumer Insight, joined Return Path in 2003 with extensive experience helping marketers create profitable and engaging email programs. Anita has held several executive positions at Return Path, leading both the Global Sales and Global Services teams during her tenure. She now leads the Consumer Insight business where she focuses on using the power of consumer preferences and buying data to help marketers and brands make informed decisions about engaging with customers. A veteran of the database and digital marketing industry and a self-proclaimed “data junkie,” she helps some of the world’s smartest marketers successfully integrate data and technology into their customer acquisition and customer relationship management programs. She is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association, having served as the Chair of the Ethics Operating Committee and as co-Chair of the Email Experience Council. Prior to Return Path Anita spent much of her career at Acxiom and Abacus Direct (acquired by Doubleclick). She holds a BA in Economics from Fordham University.

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