Customer Blog Takeover: Groupon Relies On Certification to Reach Their Email Subscribers

Posted by Ryan Boyd 

As the Postmaster & Director of Deliverability at Groupon, I am fortunate to have world-class teams within my organization working to ensure all of our emails, texts, and push notifications are delivered to our subscribers worldwide. There is a lot of work that goes into keeping those wheels turning. This means the Deliverability Team at Groupon is always on the lookout for new technologies, programs, or data sources to measure and benchmark our performance.

As a result of our neverending search for programs and data sources, we started the process to join Return Path’s Certification program in 2010. Joining the program is no joke when you consider the onboarding and review process required to participate. We met all the requirements for joining the program which includes extensive reviews of DNS records, FBL setup, and IP address usage among others. After receiving our “Certification merit badges” we began receiving the data from the program, which provided a different view of deliverability beyond the existing available sources.

“We use 18 different metrics looking at and evaluating email deliverability. I counted. Certification data eliminates guessing, interpolating, and manufacturing test accounts to validate theories for some of the largest ISPs.”
-Torsten Reinert, Global Deliverability Manager

In addition, as the program evolved over time, we gained access to many exclusive data feeds from the mailbox providers Return Path works with around the world like Yahoo and Microsoft. We have since completed the process to integrate those sources into our own reporting. This has created a series of advanced reporting tools that act as the team’s “single pane of glass” into global deliverability at Groupon.

“Having access to Certification data not only allows us better insight into different data points but by being able to integrate it alongside Groupon data, we’re able to enhance our overall tooling and analysis.”
-Leanna Haas, Global Deliverability Data Manager

To learn more about this process and our experience with the Certification Program click here.

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