Different Country, Same Email Marketing Challenges

Posted by Dale Langley 

Over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of attending some fantastic events in Europe and Asia, where I saw and heard first-hand how different regions manage their email marketing strategies.

In November, I attended Integrated Live—formerly The Digital Marketing Show—in London, where I spoke about the hidden metrics of email deliverability. I found that while many European marketers are using typical metrics like list size, open rates, and click-through rates to analyze program performance, there are many important metrics that are still being overlooked.

This was echoed at my next stop, Digital Cream Singapore, a roundtable discussion with a number of senior marketers from different verticals, segments, and levels of maturity. What was particularly interesting at this event was many of those I spoke to were using email as part of their marketing mix but were unable to measure which parts were successful and if their email strategy was having any impact when compared to traditional marketing tactics for which they had better attribution models?. 

What’s clear from talking to marketers in these regions is that it doesn’t matter where you’re based, which sector you work in, or what your level of maturity is when it comes to utilizing email, a lot of the challenges are the same.

As a passionate advocate of email data, I was excited to educate attendees on the hidden metrics they can utilize—specifically because engagement-based filtering enables mailbox providers to look and filter by more than just sender reputation. Indeed, as we enter 2017, it’s going to become more and more important for marketers to take measurement one step further and have better insight into customer behavior. Knowing whether a decrease in email opens is the result of emails being ignored or deleted, or whether it’s because the email failed to reach the inbox in the first place due to past behavior, could become the difference between a customer win or loss.

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