Do Your Boss a Favor: Attend DMA Annual on My Discount

Posted by Matt Blumberg 

Most Return Path blog readers know I’m currently serving as Chairman of the Direct Marketing Association’s Board of Directors. I’ve been involved with the DMA for many years because I believe in the power of data-driven marketing. Its channels have always been revenue workhorses, but data-driven marketing is also a crucial driver of customer relationships and brand building initiatives. Helping marketers get it right, not just in terms of maximizing ROI but doing it smartly and responsibly, is central to Return Path’s mission, just as it’s the foundation of the DMA’s mission.

Events like the DMA Annual Conference are the biggest and best educational opportunities available in world of marketing. In a matter of days executives can get up to speed on evolving best practices and program management principles, keep up with shifting trends in legislation and technology, and meet thousands of people who share their challenges and bring new ideas and solutions to the industry. If you haven’t attended DMA Annual lately, please do yourself a favor and come to Chicago in October. Like data-driven marketing itself, what you’ll gain from this event represents an immediate, impressive return on investment.

You can do your boss a favor too: Use my discount. All DMA board members have special Friends of the Board discounts that take $200 off the onsite, members’ price of a three-day conference package. My code is DMABD5. So even if you’re not a DMA member you can join in, save $900 over the onsite, non-member rate, and come back from the industry’s preeminent event with new perspectives and ideas to grow and win in 2014.  You might even see me on stage for 15 seconds or so around Monday morning’s keynote by Nate Silver, which doesn’t take a lot of statistics to predict will be a winner.

I hope to see you there.

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