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Growing quality, organic email lists is a challenge for any marketer. If email lists are grown the wrong way, list quality issues arise, and as a result less email reaches the inbox and more goes straight to the spam folder. Our new eBook, 50 Ways to Grow Your Email List, gives plenty of ideas capture high quality subscribers.

But marketers may feel they’ve exhausted ways to grow quality email lists. According to Marketing Sherpa’s latest Email Marketing Benchmark Report, 50% of marketers surveyed say that that list growth was on a “somewhat positive” trend, but their lists are growing slowly.

The survey also indicates that the most effective list growth tactic is through website registrations pages (77%), followed by social media sharing buttons (48%) and offline events (47%). While these tactics are tried and true, there are a variety of other tactics for marketers to choose from to grow their lists.

Our new eBook uncovers 50 tactics that other marketers are using today. In this eBook, we look at the following avenues that marketers can use to organically grow their lists:

  1. Brick and Mortar tactics,
  2. Social Media,
  3. SEM and SEO,
  4. Mobile,
  5. Cross-brand strategies,
  6. And more!

You’ll find a lot of useful tactics and real world examples to kickstart your email marketing lists for the year. Download the eBook today!

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