Is Your Email Content Tone Deaf?

Posted by Casey Swanton 

There is a seemingly infinite combination of levers to pull when it comes to email optimization. From inbox placement and call-to-action buttons, to subject line tests and enhanced segmentation, there is no shortage of opportunities. In this post, I want to focus on one undervalued area that many marketers gloss over: tone and communication style.

How you communicate with your subscribers can have a major impact on their brand perception and affinity. If the experience is disjointed or your communication strategy doesn’t align with the expectations you’ve set, your emails may be met with skepticism or disapproval. If your tone and communication style fails to leverage the voice and appeal of the brand, your emails have to work much harder to achieve the same result. If messaging misses the mark and is off-putting for subscribers, they may be more likely to unsubscribe or even mark messages as spam.

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