Email Experts Build out Training Course to Help B2B Company Excel [New Case Study]

Posted by Lauren Harris 

By sending emails for multiple brands, Revinate is responsible for facilitating all email interaction between the hotels and its guests with high inbox placement as a key first step.

In order to provide a best-in-class experience, Revinate’s customer success team had two specific goals to accomplish. They wanted to optimize the client onboarding experience from a deliverability perspective, as well as ensure that all technical account managers were well-equipped to assist their clients in implementing best practices for peak deliverability and engagement.

With these goals in mind, Revinate approached Return Path to provide in-depth training on how to identify and address the issues most commonly associated with reduced inbox placement. In order to coach the team at Revinate, Return Path’s Consulting team built out a multi-day deliverability course designed to quickly and effectively train staff on key concepts related to inbox placement.

As Karen Stephens, VP of Customer Success, states, “At Revinate, we realize no matter how sophisticated of an email marketing solution we build or how intuitive we make it for our users, none of it matters if the emails sent by our hotel customers don’t make it into their guests’ inboxes. Our partnership with Return Path and their ongoing support gives our team the confidence and knowledge we need to ensure the success of our customers’ email marketing strategies.”

To learn more about what this crash course entailed, check out our latest case study.

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