Email for President: New Interactive Tool Provides an Inside Look at Email Winners and Losers

Posted by Jen Ribble on

We’ve written a lot lately about email and the 2016 US election. We’ve discussed the candidates’ different (email) campaign strategies and offered up insight into how their strategies are working.

As the November election rapidly approaches and the presidential race nears its final vote, we wanted to provide a closer look at the battle for the White House taking place in the email channel. To offer you a front row seat, we have launched a new interactive tool: Email for President.

Our new tool analyzes the email programs of the Republican and Democratic candidates and allows you to directly compare them across a variety of email metrics.  

Try out our new tool to discover:

  • How the candidates’ subscriber lists have grown (and shrunk) over time

  • Whose subscribers are more engaged

  • Which candidate has the most email marked as spam

  • And more!

We can’t predict who’s going to win the election, but we believe email data can provide a fascinating look into what voters are thinking. Check out Email for President to see for yourself!

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