Why Email Marketers Choose Return Path

Posted by Lauren Harris 

Here at Return Path, we strive to make our customers look like heroes.

In a digital world filled with spammers, filters, and phishers, brands everywhere rely on the “email heroes” within their ranks to improve and optimize their email marketing programs. The powers these email heroes possess are vast, and each helps them deliver not only emails but results.

We’re proud to say that our customers have acquired a variety of superhero skills by using Return Path solutions, which have helped them deliver stellar email results. Don’t just take our word for it—hear it straight from these brands below:

  1. Publishers Clearing House: Invincibility via Certification
    “The impact of becoming members to the Return Path Certification program was like winning our own sweepstakes! Once accepted, not only did we maintain our good delivery at Hotmail, Yahoo, and all of our key domains, but our click-thru rates improved by six percent. That lift resulted in a 20 percent lift in conversion in just two months!”
  2. Overstock: X-Ray Vision via Inbox Monitor and Client Services
    “The change was instantaneous. We implemented the fixes Return Path suggested and were back to 100 percent deliverability at Yahoo overnight.”
  3. Gilt Groupe: Telepathy via Reputation Monitor and Client Services
    “As the best luxury e-commerce site in the marketplace, Gilt needs best-in-class expertise. Return Path provides the visibility and protection that we need to communicate with our members through email, a crucial channel for us. Their solutions are truly invaluable to our business and the Return Path team is an extension of our team.”

To reveal where your current email superpowers stand, take our Guardians of the Email Universe Quiz. Determined to level up in a certain strength? Request a demo to find out how Return Path can help you transform your email program. 

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