What Email Marketing Strategies Should You be Focusing On?

Posted by Patty Atwater 

Any good email marketer knows that running a successful email program requires constant optimization. Just as your company has its own share of changes—new employees and new products—your email program is also evolving over time. Your current subscriber list is quite different than it was five years ago—or even five months. You will have gained new subscribers, enticed by your new offers, and lost some old subscribers whose preferences and needs have changed from when they first subscribed. By continuously optimizing your program, you will be able to create relevant, valuable content that keeps your subscribers engaged.

There are many different strategies towards optimizing your email program. To find out the strategies that email marketing influencers incorporate into their own programs, Return Path in partnership with Ascend 2, fielded the Email Marketing Strategy Survey.   

In our latest ebook—Email Marketing Campaign Strategies—we share the strategies and tactics of over 100 email marketing influencers, including:

  • Important strategic goals for a successful email marketing strategy
  • Barriers to a successful email marketing campaign
  • The most effective email personalization tactics
  • Which resources marketers use to execute their email strategy

Read this report to discover new strategies and tactics for your program.

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