Email Myth Buster: There’s a Bat Phone to the ISPs!

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MYTH #6: It’s important to have relationships with the ISPs so I can call them when I’m blocked to let my mail through.

WHY THIS IS FANTASY. There is no bat phone to the ISP because ISP filtering is all automated. Therefore, you cannot call in a favor and slide you email through.

THE PLAIN TRUTH: If you go over their acceptable reputation metrics, you should expect to be throttled, banished to the spam folder, or blocked. No amount of calling or finagling will change that. This doesn’t mean that you’ll be blocked forever though. Look at the causes and fix them. Then wait for your changes to take effect, and your deliverability should automatically correct itself. In some cases, manual intervention might be required, but that too is done through automated means via a web site or email address. First check your SMTP log files for specific directions in your case, or contact your Return Path Account Manager for guidance and support. Since Return Path has existing partnerships with ISPs, it’s better to let deliverability experts find a resolution for you. If it does become necessary to contact an ISP, mailers should leave that up to Return Path because of our partnerships, and because no ISP has the time, to take calls from hundreds or thousands of marketers.

What’s your take? Did we bust this myth?

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