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Integration of email with other marketing channels is gaining traction this year, primarily because it works! Audiences – both B2B and B2C – are fragmenting, meaning that both acquisition and retention programs must reach across channels to create interactive customer experiences.

In a survey of CMOs we conducted with, we found that just 35% of marketers were using email in combination with other channels. But if they were using a multi-channel approach, they did so 60% of the time. Respondents reported that email in combination with printed direct mail, trade events, search and telemarketing improved response rates for each medium, in addition to boosting results overall.

Jupiter Research found similar success, reporting in 2005 that marketers using testing, multi-channel marketing and other sophisticated tactics are almost twice as likely to attain conversion rates of more than 3%, compared with marketers that do not.

Get started by considering the end business goal, then work backward toward offer and message to isolate the most effective channel mix. If your goal is improve registrations for an event, a postcard followed by an email offer, supported by online banner ads could be the optimal mix. If your goal is to cross-sell existing customers, a combination of direct mail package and keepsake, sales team outreach, whitepaper downloads and follow up email may be the right mix. To reach IT directors, a campaign of bi-weekly emails punctuated by podcast or RSS advertising will improve response and perhaps increase attention spans. Perhaps simply sending a follow-up email after a first email announcement is the perfect solution.

Steal the simple-to-implement ideas below for your own program to test this powerful approach and drive higher results:

– Send an email promoting a certain spread or new product line featured in your catalog, timed to reach online customers a day or two after the catalog is received. Place a code in the email to differentiate online shoppers from catalog shoppers, and enjoy higher response rates on the featured merchandise and overall.

– Create an email campaign to either tease (advance) or emphasize (follow) your next client mailing. Test different creative voices for different media to increase response. Although certainly branding should remain consistent, customers and prospects interact with print, online, email and search in unique ways – allow your creative to match the specific experience in which it appears.

– Combine acquisition channels to grow your prospecting footprint. Combine email and RSS inbox advertising with search and online lead generation forms to improve reach and add frequency.

Email us for more help customizing your email program and multi-channel mix.

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